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Special Features

  • Stainless Steel Tank
  • Two Speed + Neutral
  • Remote Control
  • Clean Water Deposit
  • Anti-drip Ceramic Jets
  • 100 Degree Turns
  • Trasportation Springing System

Equipment Description

Its dual patented turbine has a range of up to 25 meters to penetrate the higher parts of the trees and have an optimal coverage within the leaf and around the fruit. It has two guns directed to a hydraulic system with the option to rotate one of the cannons to the opposite side for younger or high density plantations. It has double volume sprinklers, anti- drip, with jets ceramic hollow cone to ionize the water drop thus creating greater adhesion on the leaf of the tree. This Turbo Sprayer has a mechanical agitation to maintain uniformity in the product mix to be applied without removing the pump pressure. Its aerodynamic design allows enter narrow streets without hurting the trees and the fruit.

It has a radial piston with centrifugal clutch which protects the gearbox at the time of its start as well as the time of his arrest. This implement has a radial fan with centrifugal clutch which protects the gearbox at the time of his boot as well as the time of its shotdown. Its homocinetic driveshaft allows turns up to 100 degrees between the streets of the plantation. Torflex springing system enables smooth transport and in portecting the components of the implement to transport themselves over bad roads and long distance.

This machine is manufactured with the best components worldwide as pumps membranes COMET brand and transmission systems Bondioli & Pavesi with the best alloys to extend component life and reduce service time.


REACH 20mts / 65ft
FLOW 150 lts/min
TANK 500 gal.
WEIGHT 1095kg / 2335lbs
HEIGHT 220cm / 87″
LONG 452cm / 180″
WIDTH 160cm / 63″

Recommended Crops

Avocado, Walnut, Mango

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